Our Clients

Ashley Resin Flooring are constantly providing flooring solutions to companies of all shapes and sizes with well-known clients including Whipp & Bourne, European Glass, Hydes Brewery, Cathedral Foods, Hotpoint UK, Beckers Paint International, Manchester Airport, Gourmet Foods, Ford (Dagenham), Rolls Royce and LEX Autoparts.
The following examples are case studies of recent projects undertaken:-

Food and drink production/preparation:

  1. The Greyhound Pub – The existing kitchen floor was worn vinyl, with the failed seams becoming a hygiene issue. Ashley Flooring were invited to offer an alternative and the answer was a seamless 9mm polyurethane screed, incorporating an anti-slip finish. The whole project was completed over three days.
  2. The Lass O’Gowrie Pub, Manchester – A cementious screed, with a resin coating, had been laid in the cellar area and failed because of rising moisture. Ashley Flooring were called in to resolve the problem and the answer was a 9mm thick polyurethane screed applied onto an epoxy Damp-proof membrane. The whole project was completed over three days.
  3. Rudy’s Pizza, Cotton Str., Manchester – The client needed a cost-effective solution for an easy to clean floor at their premises. Ashley Flooring used a diamond grinder to clean the floor and applied two coats of high-build epoxy resin.

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals:

  1. Lewis Plast First Aid Supplies, Coronation Str., Stockport – Dusting was a big problem with the floor so Ashley Flooring were called in to give their recommendation. The floor coating work was completed over a weekend and under budget shot blasted the floor and applied water-based epoxy primer and one coat of high-build resin coating.
  2. Stepping Hill Hospital Pharmaceutical Department – A smooth floor with maximum cleaning properties was required for a bottle wash and pharmaceutical manufacturing area. The answer was a three-coat, high-build epoxy resin coating system.


  1. Parks Motors, East Kilbride – An automotive dealer asked Ashley Flooring to provide a tough, oil-resistant floor finish with a very smooth finish in the maintenance area to create a prestige image to visiting customers. The answer was a 3mm self-smoothing epoxy resin.
  2. RRG Motors, Stockport – A car repair shop needed a tough, oil resistant floor finish at a cost-effective price. The answer provided by Ashley Flooring was a high-build epoxy resin floor coating with an anti-slip finish.


  1. Malmo Aviation, Sweden –  an aircraft hangar had a worn coating that was being destroyed by aggressive aviation lubricants. The answer from Ashley Flooring was to treat the oil-impregnated concrete and apply a high-chemical resistance, uv-resistant polyurethane coating system.
  2. SAS Airlines, Stockholm Airport – Problems occurred with the SAS hangar floor, where Skydrol A hydraulic fluid was eating away the concrete surface. Ashley Flooring shot-blasted the floor and used a primer and two coats of polyurethane high-chemical resistance coatings to provide a sip-resistance and durable working area for maintaining their aircraft.
  3. UTAS, Prestwick Airport – A total of 21,500 sq. m. required a heavy duty floor coating that was slip-resistant and required protection against Skydrol. In addition the whole needed to be marked out in different colours denoting walkways, driveways and production areas, all with demarcation lines as well as zebra crossing and safety signs.


  1. Unit 10, Piccadilly Trading Estate, Manchester – An old warehouse needed the bare floor replenishing. Ashley Flooring applied two coats of clear, water-based epoxy, providing a very cost-effective, hard wearing seal.
  2. Unit 14, Warrington Industrial Estate – A recently refurbished warehouse required a tough floor finish for a new tenant with high FLT usage. Ashley Flooring met this need by applying two coats of tough high-build epoxy resin.
  3. Peli Products Ltd, Glossop – A hard wearing floor was needed that was also pleasing to the eye for when foreign visitors were received. Ashley Flooring diamond- ground the floor, primed with epoxy resin and laid a 3mm epoxy self-leveller in a pleasing blue colour.

General industry:

  1. The National Velodrome, Manchester – Two office rooms were being converted into a prestige bicycle maintenance and storage area. The solution provided by Ashley Flooring was a 3mm self-smoothing epoxy resin finish, providing an attractive and durable seamless finish.
  2. Broughton Park Rugby Club, Chorlton – The corridors and changing room floors needed to be up-graded, with the Uruguay national rugby team using there ground for training, sponsored by Ethihad. Ashley flooring diamond ground the floors and applied two coats of anti-slip epoxy resin coatings.
  3. Link Studios, Manchester (used by Sky and Tiger Aspects) The main studio floor needed to be repaired and updated. Ashley flooring were called in to repair the floor and apply a high-build epoxy resin in as special pink colour.