Healthcare Flooring


Ashley Flooring have extensive experience of both healthcare and pharmaceutical environments including applying anti-static epoxy systems in areas such as operating theatres and decontamination self-smoothing epoxy resin systems in areas such as clean rooms. We can also apply tough epoxy resin-based wall coatings.

Two recent case studies:-
(I) Lewis Plast First Aid Supplies, Coronation Str., Stockport  – dusting was a big problem with the floor so Ashley Flooring were called in to give their recommendation.  The floor coating work was completed over a weekend and under budget shot blasted the floor and applied water-based epoxy primer and one coat of high-build resin coating.
(II)  Stepping Hill Hospital Pharmaceutical Department – a smooth floor with maximum cleaning properties was required for a bottle wash and pharmaceutical manufacturing area. The answer was a three-coat, high-build epoxy resin coating system.