Commercial Flooring

Ashley Flooring have undertaken a wide variety of projects where a decorative finish was required in an area subject to industrial levels of usage. These include environments such as foyers, shops fronts and school play areas.

Products applied would typically range from a 3-4mm self-smoothing epoxy resin (possibly incorporating a flake scatter) to a 4mm Quartz Epoxy screed, incorporating various colour aggregates.

Five recent case studies:-

(I) Bond Street Shoe Shop – A high-profile London centre required flooring with a ‘wow factor’.
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(II) The National Velodrome, Manchester – Two office rooms were being converted into a prestige bicycle maintenance and storage area. The solution provided by Ashley Flooring was a 3mm self-smoothing epoxy resin finish, providing an attractive and durable seamless finish.
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(III) Teambase Go-Kart Circuit, Manchester – Extensive line marking was required in the pit area.
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(IV) Kick Air, Manchester – Trampoline Park.
Kick Air 4 click here

(V) Specsavers, Kidderminster – A new-build office centre.
Specsavers - Small click here

(III) Broughton Park Rugby Club, Chorlton -  the corridors and changing room floors needed to be up-graded, with the Uruguay national rugby team using there ground  for training, sponsored by Ethihad.  Ashley flooring diamond ground the floors and applied two coats of anti-slip epoxy resin coatings.

(IV) Link Studios, Manchester (used by Sky and Tiger Aspects) the main studio floor needed to be repaired and updated. Ashley flooring were called in to repair the floor and apply a high-build epoxy resin in as special pink colour.

Application of Self-smoothing Epoxy Resin Flooring.